Zak and Manda Together In Utopia | Glen Arbor Engagement

Zak and Manda are an amazing couple who just love to have fun. They love laughing, good conversation, and being together. After finally finding a day where it wasn’t raining here in Northern Michigan, we drove out northwest of Traverse City for their Glen Arbor engagement session.

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We made a quick stop at the fire station where Zak and Manda first met. They showed us around the station, and inside all of the vehicles. It was so fun seeing inside fire trucks, boats, and more!

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While they worked together, Manda was very busy with school. She had been reading Thomas More’s Utopia and didn’t want to become too distracted. This is when Zak first talked with her.

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“What is your Utopia?” she asked him, and she loved Zak’s answer. They started spending more and more time together, quickly becoming best friends.

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It’s so much fun being able to see two people who are so in love, such good friends, that they can always make each other laugh.

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One day, while Zak and Manda were out hiking together, they took a break from their adventuring. After stopping for a while, Zak took out the ring.

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“I’ve waited thirty years, and I don’t want to wait any longer” he said, and asked Manda to marry him.

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After leaving Inspiration Point, we headed over to Glen Haven.

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Glen Haven is one of my favorite places, and it a perfect place for engagement photography. It has so many unique places to see and explore, and it holds so much natural beauty.

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The beaches are perfect for walks, and the dunes great for climbing.

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Zak enjoys painting Manda’s toes. She even said that he’s better at it than she is!

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We had a great time with Zak and Manda’s engagement session. They are such beautiful people that have found that utopia is with each other.

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Zak and Manda Together In Utopia

Glen Arbor Engagement Photography

by Ben Law Photography




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