Neil and Laura’s Adventure to Traverse City

When Neil and Laura first met, Neil could’t keep Laura out of his mind. After getting Laura’s email address, Neil’s witty follow up messages to the conversation from when they first met really got Laura’s attention. After six years, two cities and five apartments, Neil proposed and Laura said, “of course!”

During the six years this beautiful couple have been dating, Neil worked in Washington D.C. for 18 months. In that time, Neil spent almost 1,000 hours riding the bus to visit Laura in New York City.

When Neil and Laura aren’t busy with their jobs, the two quote ‘The Fugitive’, play with other people’s pets, and wander around New York City.

Neil and Laura traveled over 800 miles for their Traverse City engagement session.

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Neil and Laura came back to Michigan for their bridal shower. This trip turned out to be an adventure to Traverse City. The week before, Laura had a business trip to Washington D.C. and it looked like Laura would be stuck in D.C. for a few more days than she had planned. Luckily, her mother happened to be in D.C. for work and, most importantly, had a car. Laura and her mother woke up at 4am to drive four hours to the nearest operating train station in New Jersey.

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Laura took the train into NYC to hurriedly pack and grab a cab to the airport, picking Neil up along the way. On their way, they found that an all-access bridge they needed to cross in order to get to the airport was blocked.


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After sitting in traffic for almost 2 hours, Laura and Neil, and many other passengers, missed their flight. Since so many people missed the same flight, the airlines had no more seats available.

Traverse City Engagement Photography

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It was starting to look like Laura and Neil would miss their own bridal shower. However, Neil proposed the idea of renting a car and driving the 10 hours to Michigan. Along with two other stranded strangers, Neil and Laura drove through the night from New York City to Michigan, arriving mere hours before the bridal shower festivities began!

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Stormy Engagement Photography

Neil & Laura-40Neil & Laura-47Neil & Laura-48Neil & Laura-51It was such an amazing time getting to know Neil and Laura better, and hear their amazing stories of life together.

Neil & Laura-54Toward the end of the session, the rain that held off for so long started to come down. So we ran back to our vehicles!

Neil & Laura-55Before we got off the trail we had been running down, Neil and Laura stopped in a small grove. The friendship that Neil and Laura have in each other emanates from them.

Neil & Laura-57After saying our goodbyes, the rain held up for a few minutes. During this time, the sky showed a faith double rainbow.

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Neil and Laura’s Adventure to Traverse City.

Traverse City Engagement Photography

at the Traverse City State Hospital.


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