Jason & Jessica’s Kirkbride Hall Wedding

Jason & Jessica’s Kirkbride Hall Wedding was one of those days that unfolded perfectly. Start with Jason and Jessica, who are just absolutely crazy about each other. Then you get to add in both of their incredible families who we’re both so excited to see these two get married! It made for an incredible day of laughs and great memories (and some happy tears). One of my favorite memories from their wedding was when Jessica’s Dad walked in for the first look, but didn’t make it one step into the hallway when seeing her for the first time before he started tearing up. It was really awesome. This was followed up by Jason’s priceless expression after seeing his Bride-to-be for the first time. What a smile!

Their ceremony was amazing and emotional (not that we were a little misty-eyed or anything…). What was likely bound to be a summer storm, blew over and gave away to beautiful sunshine!

We were so excited to be a part of such a special day at Kirkbride Hall, and we’re so excited for Jason & Jessica’s future together.

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Jason & Jess 7


Jason & Jessica’s Kirkbride Hall Wedding

Images created by Ben Law Photography

Assistant: Joanna Riness

Wedding Ceremony at The Village

Reception at Kirkbride Hall

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