Jason and Leah – Maple Bay Engagement Photography

“Jason and I met many years ago randomly, and then our paths crossed a few more time over the years. In 2008 we started a co-ed softball team that we both played on. That is where we really became friends. We dated casually for the next year, but when I graduated from college I accepted an internship in AZ and was moving there.”

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“It was very sad, because Jason and I were starting to grow stronger feelings for each other. He was actually the one who moved me across the country. We both thought that this was going to be the end of our time together and the start of my new life away from all of my family and friends. Over the next three months we kind of unexpectedly kept in touch every night, and he even flew out to surprise me! He showed up on my doorstep with flowers and I knew that this guy was really something special!”

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“I moved in May, and by the beginning of August he had moved out there to be with me. In 2008 the economy was at an all time low, so this was a beneficial time for Jason for work opportunities to improve his life for himself and his daughter Jordan, but really I think he knew I was the one…even though I would  not let that be his excuse to uproot his life (which all of his family and friends thought he was crazy for doing!). Jason and I lived in Arizona for 3 years together. And it was the best three years of our life together so far! Everyday was an adventure. We hiked, and swam, and explored everything! We took road trip every chance we had, and seen more beautifulness than we could have ever imagined!”

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“We saw crystal clear starry sky’s in Colorado (where you honestly feel like you are in space), natural hot springs, and huge mountains that we would snowboard! We went to Las Vegas many times where everyone thought we would elope one day! Beautiful waterfalls in Northern Arizona and Sedona, and my favorite trip of all time was when we took 10 days and drove the entire coast of California. We saw everything you can think from Hollywood to the Redwoods, and stopped every chance that we had, even camping on the side of a cliff in Big Sur with an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean! It was the trip of a lifetime, and something I am so happy that we shared together!”

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“One of my favorite memories from that time is the beautiful pink and orange cotton candy sky of an Arizona sunset. Every time I see a pink sky now I think of Jason and that time in our lives when we were just starting to fall in love. Even when we moved home our adventures still continued. That is what makes Jason and I so special. We live in the moment and are up for anything! We genuinely enjoy each others company! We always make each other laugh, and we get along like the best of friends.”

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We love getting to know Jason and Leah better during their Maple Bay engagement session. You can see their genuine connection and love for each other in their story, and the way the interact with one another. They were a joy to work with and we game for hiking and exploring to get beautiful photos! I can’t wait for to see them soon for their August wedding!


Jason and Leah – Maple Bay Engagement Photography

at Maple Bay in Acme, Michigan

by Ben Law Photography.

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