Q: How Long Does It Take To Get Our Images Back?

A: My goal is to have your finished photos back in 2-4 weeks, but this is subject to change based on the amount of photos I have to edit. Every set of photos is edited by me for consistency and quality. Because of this I want to make sure your images look their best before they are delivered.

Q: Do you Photoshop photos?

A: Every photo is edited for feel and color so that it looks it’s best before I deliver the images to you. The vast majority of my images do not have any drastic alterations. If you have a temporary blemish, I will of course remove it.

Q: We are uncomfortable in front of the camera. Will you help us with posing/make us look natural?

A: Me too! Most of us don’t spend a lot of time in front of the camera. When we see ourselves in photos, it’s usually when our friends post a photo on social media, and we’re doing something heroic — like reaching for chips, or sneezing. My goal is to create a a fun and relaxed atmosphere with my posing. I want you to focus being as awesome as you are!

Q: How many images can we expect to receive?

A: When delivering a set of images, there is not a set number that I will limit you to. The reason for this is that I want to deliver the best images from the set. A typical wedding has 400-600 images, but even this can vary based on how the day unfolds!

Q: I do photography as a hobby, can I have the RAW images?

A: No. My clients hire me for the aesthetic of my work. This is largely based on my style and my ability to make decisions and choose what looks best for a set of images.

Q: Do you make albums?

A: Yes! If you’re interested in an album for your wedding or portrait session, please let me know!

Q: How Tall Are You?

A: 6’4″.

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