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Jordan & Maura | Leland Lodge Wedding

Jordan & Maura’s Leland Lodge Wedding was undeniably beautiful. This beauty was not just because of the Leland Lodge’s beautiful setting in the Village of Leland. It was not the shining summer sun. The day was beautiful because to best friends married one another. Furthermore, Jordan & Maura spent the day surrounded by their closest friends and family. The Leland Lodge is located a minute or two away from the Historic Fishtown in Leland. It is also near great local beaches. This setting was perfect for the intimate wedding ceremony and reception. The feeling of excitement could be felt throughout the entire day. It was so fun creating wedding portraits with Jordan and Maura, too!

Josh & Lyndsey | Northport Wedding

Josh & Lyndsey | Northport Wedding “When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” -Shakespeare Two best friends getting married is the best, and Josh and Lyndsey’s Northport Wedding was such an occasion. After a round of morning golf, and time with friends, they gathered their best friends and...

Jason & Jessica’s Kirkbride Hall Wedding

Jason & Jessica’s Kirkbride Hall Wedding was one of those days that unfolded perfectly. Start with Jason and Jessica, who are just absolutely crazy about each other. Then you get to add in both of their incredible families who we’re both so excited to see these two get married!

Jason & Leah’s Boathouse Restaurant Wedding

“The things that I love the most about Jason are his eyes and beautiful smile. He is such a great dad, and loves his daughter so much! He is adventurous and out super-doorsy! And he is such an hard worker and will do whatever he can to make our life the best that it can be. When we cuddle I fit just right into this arms, and he loves how silly I am!”

Ciccone Vineyard Wedding | Neil & Laura

“You have my attention, Like you’ve had all the while, Since that first day when you made my heart smile”-Copeland Traveling over 800 miles, once again, from New York City, Neil and Laura came to Traverse City for a destination wedding with close family and friends. Fortunately for this trip, there weren’t any crazy travel stories!...

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