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Elk Rapids Senior Portraits | Lily

Lily’s Elk Rapids Senior Portraits were so fun to photograph. Take a picture perfect summer evening and pair it with a really awesome senior, and you have a recipe for great portraits. Elk Rapids is a special place in the Grand Traverse area. A quaint town that comes alive in the summers, and remains beautiful...

Traverse City Maternity Photography | Josh & Beth (+Caroline)

Traverse City Maternity Photography is one of my favorite styles of portrait sessions. To me, they are so unique. For some couples they are eagerly anticipating their first child. It’s an exciting, nervous, daunting, and joyful time for so many. It’s a mix of emotions, but the chief emotion is love — real love. But these emotions are not just with a first child, but with subsequent children too. It’s just exciting! This excitement is what I love capturing when photographing Traverse City Maternity sessions.

Glen Lake Senior | Chavela

Glen Lake Senior, Chavela, had an incredible fall senior portrait session. Fall is my personal favorite time of the year. It’s my favorite time of the year because of the cool and fresh air, and changing colors of the trees. Chavela’s senior portrait session had both! It was so fun to be able to take the time to explore in Empire, MI. We explored in the colorful and unique trees surrounding us. Nearby, there were great trails with scenic stops along the way. When photographing portraits, I am always looking for unique backgrounds and interesting light. The unique backgrounds and interesting light ‘wow-factor’ exploded when we reached the top of the bluffs. We were all so excited with the breath-taking beauty of the sunset. The sunset light was simply incredible, and was the perfect way to capture the end of the session. Chavela, an awesome Glen Lake Senior, had a beautiful portrait session!

Traverse City Senior | Nataliya

Traverse City Senior, Nataliya, had an an amazing senior portrait session. We started by walking through the dense woods as the sun began to set. Exploring, we found great spots for creating portraits. Whenever we asked Nataliya to try something, she did so excitedly! We loved being able to create beautiful senior portraits for her on such a beautiful evening. After exploring the surrounding area’s bridge and greenery, we ventured down to the beach where we caught a breath-taking sunset.

Traverse City Senior | Sierra

Sierra, a Traverse City Senior, is an amazing person. Not only can she hunt (comfortably in her UGGs of course), but she also rocks a regal look with the best of them. Being able to capture these different facets of her personality was a blast. Together, we spent time at a few amazing places creating portraits for her, like her home, and the shores of the greater Grand Traverse Area. We laughed during this relaxing time as we explored for beautiful locations.

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